Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haaaaay, The Life of the Rich...

Last weekend, I went to Batangas for a shoot.

We visited Playa Calatagan ang Punta Fuego. Thank God it didn't rain because if it did, this would be the third that the trip will be cancelled. I didn't bring any camera so I have to rely to my trusty cellphone for some photos. But some of the photos here (the ones in the beach) were taken by me using a Nikon DSLR. I think my photos are decent enough to be posted here... Now I really want a DSLR. =)

And God, our driver drives like a maniac! I think it took us just 3 hours to reach Calatagan, Batangas.

First stop, Playa Calatagan - - -

It was low tide when we arrived there. And the place was not yet fully developed. Love the pool though.

To Cebu Pacific


Cebu Pacific should thank their lucky stars that they have the cheapest international fares. Because if not, I don't think they'll survived in this business - judging from their crap online booking system.

I may be temporarily happy and excited because I was able to book a singapore round trip for less than two thousand pesos, but what happened to me tonight ---- WAAAAAH! ---- It made me think that sometimes it's better to book a regular priced flight, because as of now, I'm just moments away from losing my sanity.

I'm so effing annoyed right now, I'm not sure if my grammar's correct ---

Dear Cebu Pacific,

I called your office awhile ago about an error in my transaction. I tried to book a promo flight to Singapore for August 28-31, but after filling out the credit card details form and clicking 'continue,' the next page showed that there was an error in the process and that I should start all over again. So I start booking again, and then after accomplishing the credit card details, your site hanged while it was processing my request. I called the bank to ask if my booking has already been charged to my credit card, and the bank said that there were two (2) floating charges from Cebu Pacific. I asked them if they can reverse the other one since it was a result of the error in your online transaction system. The bank said they can't and I have to contact you in order to cancel the other transaction.

I called your customer service to inform about the error in my transaction. A woman named "H" answered my call and said that there were two same flight bookings under my name. But since it is your system's fault that there were 2 same transactions charged to me, the girl who attended my call said that she'll confirm the first booking and cancel the second transaction, and that was okay with me. But since the second transaction was already charged to my account, according to her, what she can do is to apply it for refund, but I have to wait for 60 days before your company will return it to me. If my understanding is correct, that means --- if my bill arrived before you are able to reverse it, I have to pay the 2 same flight bookings and will just have to wait for 60 days before I can get the refund.

My confirmed booking is ______ and my cancelled second booking is _______. The girl said that she'll send two emails to me - one is the confirmed booking and the other is the cancelled booking. I already received the confirmed booking, but the other one, I haven't received yet. Can you send me the second email asap? I need a copy of it for my record. And also, can you hasten the process of my refund? This has happened because of a technical glitch in your part and I believe, that I, your customer, should not be the one suffering because of the incompetence of your online booking system. And also, since it was a floating transaction (according to the bank) and I was able to give you a call to fix this, I assume that it will only take you days or weeks to solve this. I'll be waiting for the second email and hope you'll address this concern as soon as possible.

Marian Papasin

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Moon trio on Jimmy Kimmel show

Why is it that we don't have a Jimmy Kimmel show on cable here?!?

All twilight fans ---

On November 20, the twilight trio - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will appear on the special New Moon episode of the Jimmy Kimmel show. Death Cab for Cutie will also be there to perform New Moon's OST Meet Me on the Equinox.

Sigh. Well, I just have to wait for those kidhearted fans to upload it on Youtube. (Please...?)

By the way, don't forget these dates also:

Oct/27 - Scream Awards - Spike TV
Oct/30 - MTV Ulalume
Nov/18 - Late Show With David Letterman
Nov/19 - Regis and Kelly
Nov/19 - The Today Show
Nov/20 - The Ellen Show
Nov/20 - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Movie Watchlist

Can't wait to watch this tonight..


Then  I'll watch this tomorrow..


Life is good .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something to be proud of..

The eavesdropper is now a...



And it took me just minutes to register! Well it helps that I went there after work, at around 8:00 PM, so almost everybody were done during the day.

I arrived at the COMELEC office at 8:10 PM. I'm already done with my registration form so I just gave it to the COMELEC officer for verification, then they took a photo of me and a couple of thumbprints, then "voila!" I'm done!

But they said that I have to wait for a year before I can get my voter's ID. Bummer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

U2 Rose Bowl live concert in Youtube

This has got to be one of the best things that Youtube has done for us!

11:30 AM Manila Time, Youtube did a livestream coverage of U2 concert at Rose Bowl in California.

All concerts should be done like this! I think it's a best way for artists to reach out to their fans living in remote countries. And as a fan, it made me feel that I'm also part of that event, especially those artists (like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Coldplay..) who have not yet included small countries like the Philippines in their tour.

Calling all recording companies --- It's time to change your music marketing plans! =P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Batangas trip

I just got home from a trip (office-related) to Batangas. Will post about in the coming days, but here's a pic of myself. =)

Twilight Saga: Eclipse title treatment..

Source: Twilight Twitter Page

Friday, October 23, 2009

"New Moon" new clips!

Hello Friday!

And the best way to end your grueling working week is by watching this latest New Moon clip.

Here's the Volturi fight scene ---

Youtube Source: TwilightSagaFansite

I think I should stop watching these New Moon spoiler clips. My patience level is getting low. (sigh)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. S sings the Thong Song!!!

Another clip from Glee!

Youtube source: FoxBroadcasting

Another Sneak Peek from New Moon!

Here's a new NEW MOON clip from Access Hollywood.

Now I'm really excited...

More! More! More!

Youtube Source: llyford316

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have less than 2 months to save the world..

Are you ready world?

Lots of disasters are happening in the world. Two typhoons, Ondoy and Pepeng, have already destroyed hundreds of lives and millions of properties in the Philippines; and the weather centers have forecasted that there are still coming in the next weeks or months…

I think the Earth is really freakin’ pissed at us for what we’ve done to her.

So people, let’s make amends...

If Madona and Justin Timberlake only have 4 minutes to save the world, we have 1 month and a half...

On December 7, 2009, world leaders will gather at Copenhagen to decide on the replacement of the Kyoto protocol, a defining agreement that will determine the future of our planet in the face of the climate crisis. We may not be world leaders but we can share our part in fighting climate change by doing one or many of the following:

- You can become a Climate Ally by recording a one-second video of yourself or group saying 'tck'. You may also send in your photos or simply write a text message (view samples here). All materials can be uploaded at

If you're just in front of your computer, just surfing sites, you can make yourself useful by spreading the word about Climate Change by sharing these sites to your friends:

* Download and share "Beds are Burning", TckTckTck's official music video
* Visit the TckTckTck official website
* Become a fan of TckTckTck on Facebook
* Add TckTckTck on Myspace
* Follow TckTckTck on Twitter

There are also online stuffs in the TckTckTck website that you can download and maybe, (if you don't mind) you can embed them to whatever personal sites that you have...

Come on people! We can do this! Earth is giving us a lot of chances to change ourselves for the better. Let's not wait for her to have another "bitch fit" and get ourselves (and our loved ones; and the coming generation) killed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My thoughts on the New Moon Soundtrack

The New Moon Soundtrack is already out, and as of now, I'm listening to the songs. =)

If you're a fan of indie bands, I think you'll like the album.

The Killers, Grizzly Bear and Editors


I think the album is a great companion for those who are traveling or to those who just love to stay in their room, doing nothing, with songs that will make you feel relaxed to melancholic to happy. It's like listening to a Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy soundtrack (I think the scorer of Gossip Girl is the same scorer of New Moon).

Aside from Death Cab for Cuties' Meet me on the Equinox, my faves from the album are:

  • Friends
  • Hearing Damage
  • A White Demon Love Song
  • I Belong to You
  • Roslyn
  • The Violet Hour
  • Shooting the Moon
  • No sound but the wind
I also like Lupe Fiasco's "Solar Midnite" and "All I Believe In" by The Magic Numbers and Amadou & Mariam.

Those are my faves, what's yours?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mags!

I took a break yesterday from doing my homework yesterday to go to cousin's birthday, Michael Magnabijon.

I don't know what to give him on his birthday since he already have everything, so I bought this instead...

When I arrived, some people were already drunk (even my Tita Flor's blushing!). What can you expect?! They already finished almost 10-15 bottles! (Gin, Vodka, Wine, Beer...) There were so many liquor, it's as if I'm in a liquor tasting event..

Some photos...

All mine! HAHA!

Tonight's bartender...

Then they're empty...

I had fun! Thanks Mags and Mags' friends! =)

Balloon boy: "We did this for the show..."

Remember the balloon boy story? For those who haven't heard it yet, it was reported that a "scientist dad's" balloon experiment got out of hand and it flew miles away and the dad suspected that one of his sons was aboard that balloon so he called 911 and there were a lot of rescue people who helped only to discover that the boy wasn't there - he was hiding in their garage while all the people of Colorado were in panic.


Days after that incident, there were rumors circling that the dad staged this so that he can get a tv show like the Gosselins. It was reported that the dad first called a tv station before calling the police when the incident happened. Why would you call the station first? I mean should you have called 911 since it's their job to do the rescuing and not the media?!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glee busts a move

Here's a sneak peek of "Bust a move" scene on Glee.

In the Philippines, the episode showing this Monday on Jack TV is "Vitamin D", so we have to watch 2 more episodes before we can watch Mr. S bust a move.

How I wish I have a teacher who can break dance like him. =)

Youtube source: PoeticTragedy123

Friday, October 16, 2009

Aniston and Mayer:Back together?

I heard Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were a couple again. Is this really true?

Well goodluck to them...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Win a trip to Valencia, Spain!

Guys! Get a chance to win a trip to Valencia, Spain, the city known for its Las Fallas celebration and the biggest tomato fight ever!

How to join:

- Simply, “make” a paella (Tip: Start with the chicken) and register after you have made one.

- The closing date for entries is 11.59pm on 25th October 2009 (Spanish time).

- This competition is open to residents of Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and India, aged eighteen (18) and over, excluding employees and immediate relatives of Spanish Tourism Office and Valencia Tourism (the “Promoters”) or of its respective parents, subsidiaries or affiliated companies or any other person professionally connected with this competition.

- Each entry per person must include name, surname, and e-mail of entrant.

- Winners will have played the game and will be the first entries randomly drawn on 26th October 2009 from all correct entries received.

- One (1) winner will be drawn. The prize is to be used exclusively by the winner and a companion of his / her choice.

The prize includes an 8-day trip (inclusive of travelling time from their country to Spain) – airflights, accommodation as well as an itinerary is covered.

For more info, click here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Highschool reunion for Ondoy victims

It's been a while since I saw my schoolmates at high school. I dedicated 4 years of my pre-teen life studying at Malate Catholic School. I have a group of friends - the Pampam, whom until now, are still one my closest friends ever and we're still seeing each other.


Sasa and Yani organized a reunion for us but instead of a party, we will dedicate that day to repack goods and donate them to the Ondoy victims through the Red Cross.

Pelicula marathon at Greenbelt 3

I blocked off my October 10, 2009 (Saturday) schedule and dedicated my entire afternoon for a Pelicula (Spanish film fest) marathon at Greenbelt 3.

Thank God I got a pass on these films, but although I have a pass, we still have to go to the ticket counter to get the tickets. The Ayala people are so strict in giving tickets to pass holders that it took me almost 3 minutes to get my tickets (and people behind me were so annoyed) because they have to verify first if I'm really the holder of the ticket. So if my name didn't match with that of the pass, they have to call Insituto first before they can give it to me. What a bummer! I should have just paid for those and saved myself from waiting for like 3 minutes and annoying the people waiting behind me.

Actually, it's not a full marathon because I skipped a few films so that we could eat and do some window shopping. We watched Chaotic Ana, Meditteranean Diet and Don't Ask me to kiss you because I will (again!)...

Now my thoughts on these three films (well it's two since I already wrote something about the last film)...

Philippine Blog Awards 2009: One Blogging Nation

(I know this post is a week late, but I'm still posting it. =))


October 9, 2009 - Dani and I went to the 3rd Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) 2009 held at the PETA Theater. Actually, I don't consider myself as a hardcore blogger unlike these bloggers who were nominated because for one, I'm still new to this and I treated it as a sort of a hobby since I love sharing things about my life to others. Well anyway, it's my first time to attend this event and I'm really curious and excited to meet co-bloggers and maybe, learn ways on how to improve my site.

New Moon soundtrack to be released earlier than the planned date

I am a New Moon fan but this is so getting out of hand! ---

I heard that due to the overwhelming demand from fans to any New Moon-related stuff, Summit has announced that they are scheduling the release of the New Moon soundtrack on October 16 - four days earlier than its planned release.

What's next? Fans demanding for an earlier release of the movie? Patience people! =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FAILED: Jesse McCartney's singing of National Anthem

At the opening ceremonies of a NASCAR racing event, pop singer Jesse McCartney forgot the lyrics while leading the singing the National Anthem. On national televison. In front of so many people. Whoa.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's New "This is it" Single

Sam Bradley's performance at The Podium

Since I'm curious about his music, I went to The Podium to watch Sam Bradley sing. After hearing him sing, I think he has a better voice than his vampire friend, Robert Pattinson (No offense.=)).

I liked his song, "Whiskey." I think this song is even better than the love songs he performed at The Podium because I can feel his passion and the friendship, the companionship that he has developed with his favorite drink - whiskey. When he sang it, it's like he's confessing his feelings towards that liquor bottle and how he felt about the idea of letting it go. ( I think?) He's also funny on stage and he's very relaxed, it's as if he's just singing in a friend's party, just sharing his music to everyone else. Nice.

I took videos of his performance - She moves me and of course, (and I think it's every fans' fave because this got the loudest applause when introduced it) Too far gone.

"She Moves Me"

"Too Far Gone"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This week on Glee

I'm a certified GLEEK!

Last episode was the "Single Ladies" episode and as always, it never failed to make me laugh!

For this coming week... With the absence of Rachel and the Glee Club just days away from the regionals, Will seek the help of former batchmate April Rhodes (Pushing Dasies star Kristin Chenoweth) to be a student again and replace Rachel as the Glee Club's lead singer for the regionals.

Here's a preview, it's a performance of Heart's Alone by Will and April Rhodes... (Whoa! She can really sing! Can't wait!)

Youtube source: mukemoje1

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Clique! photos

Yesterday, Dani and I went to the Philippine Blog Awards. It was a really fun night and we've met a lot of people.

There were lots of booths - Level up!, Summit Media, Globe, Epson, Nokia, etc., but the one booth that got us so excited was the Clique! photo booth! We took 5 photos! It's so fun!

Harry Potter heading to Broadway

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will play a lead role in the upcoming Broadway musical How to Success in Business without really Trying.

Whoa! Who knew Harry Potter can sing?!

The play's former lead actors were Robert Morse and Matthew Broderick, who are both Tony Awards winners.


New Robert Pattinson photos

Though i woke up to a rainy morning, these photos made me feel like smiling!

Saw these photos from a fan site. Looks like it's from a promotional shoot for New Moon. For your viewing pleasure.

Photos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Source

Friday, October 9, 2009

Events... Events...

A lot have happened these past days and I want to share most of it. Unfortunately, due to work and power outages that have been happening, I never got the chance to write a decent blog entry for this site.

Just so you know, I just attended a Spanish Photo Exhibit yesterday at College of St. Benilde,

then tonight I'll be at the Philippine Blog Awards; tomorrow, I'll be with Dani Salasalan and Sheila Pino to watch a Spanish film marathon at Greenbelt 3.

Then on Sunday, I'll be at the Podium to watch Sam Bradley perform. I so love life.

Maybe this weekend I can start working on these posts... =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Moon OST: Death Cab for Cutie's Meet Me on the Equinox MTV

For all you New Moon fans out there (including me!), they had already premiered the music video of the first track off the New Moon Soundtrack.

Here's the latest video from Death Cab for Cutie - Meet me on the Equinox. Enjoy!

Youtube source:deathcabforcutietv

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sam Bradley Press Conference at Podium

After work, I went to the Podium to visit The Ramp store because I'm looking for a skirt. When I was packing my things before leaving the office, I just remembered that Sam Bradley will be having a press conference there to formally launch his Philippine Tour. The press con started at 4 PM and I arrived at the Podium at 6 PM. Since I'm already 2 hours late, I just told myself that it probably has already finished and had already left the venue. With that assumption, I just concentrated on finding my skirt (that I've been looking for almost 2 weeks now) at The Ramp. When I went to the second floor (where The Ramp is located), I saw the press people still eating and camera flashes. So the event has not yet finished and there was Sam Bradley, sitting on the stage doing an interview for a TV show (I think its MTV).

There were just few people left on the venue and because of that, I was able to get this shot from my trusty phone. Maybe it's because the event had already ended and his fans had already left, and Podium is one of those malls that hardly gets filled up because of its limited and high-end establishments.

I won't be me if I won't notice his look. He's wearing a dark pair of jeans, dark sneakers, a shirt and a black blazer - very relaxed. He's tall (maybe 6'0?) and of course, he has those signature British-blushed-cheeks. How I wish I also have those kind of cheeks so that I don't have to put blush anymore. =P 

Director of the original FAME movie won't be a fan of the remake

Fame (2009), a remake that centers on the students of the New York Academy of Performing Arts and is now being shown in the Philippines, won't have a fan in the person of the FAME original director - Sir Alan Parker. 

I read somewhere that the director of the original FAME movie, Sir Alan Parker, is not happy with the remake of his baby. According to the original FAME director, no one spoke to him nor he received a call from the producers and the director that they will do a remake of his film. He further added that this movie, is very much his film - he spent months with the kids at the school then spent a year making the movie. He did  the work and made it as good as it can be, and tried to protect it. But because the studio owned the copyrights to the film, they can do a remake of it.

Fame (1980)

Sir Alan Parker also considers suing the studio for the use of the original logo in the remake.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sam Bradley tours the Philippines this October

Sam Bradley, Candian musician and best known for co-writing Twilight OST's "Never Think" with friend Robert Pattinson, will be in the Philippines on October 9 to 17 for a series of performances at SM Malls.

Photo courtesy of Sam Bradley official website

Catch Sam Bradley on these dates:


Manila, Philippines
SM Megamall

Manila, Philippines
SM Mall Of Asia

Manila, Philippines
The Podium

Manila, Philippines
SM Clark

Manila, Philippines
SM Southmall

Manila, Philippines
SM Cebu

Manila, Philippines
SM Fairview

Manila, Philippines
SM STA. Rosa
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