Friday, October 2, 2009's new song - Take me to the Philippines

While searching some videos in youtube, I happen to stumble upon this new video of At first, I thought it's just a fanmade video for him. After opening it, I found out that this is a new song, but it is not included in Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D. album. Maybe it's just a single. Will he produce a solo album like Fergie and Will.I.Am?

The single is entitled "Take me to the Philippines." Based from its lyrics, it sounded like its promoting the different islands of the Philippines. The song is danceable and it is something that can be played in clubs and parties. It's one of those songs (about the Philippines) that you won't be ashamed to play in public because it's a song that is very suited to this generation of listeners.

Kudos to for using his talent and celebrity status to help his country and aspiring Filipinos who wants to show their talent to the world.

I heard from the news that he posted a message asking his friends and fans to help the victims of Ondoy. So nice of him...


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