Sunday, October 18, 2009

Balloon boy: "We did this for the show..."

Remember the balloon boy story? For those who haven't heard it yet, it was reported that a "scientist dad's" balloon experiment got out of hand and it flew miles away and the dad suspected that one of his sons was aboard that balloon so he called 911 and there were a lot of rescue people who helped only to discover that the boy wasn't there - he was hiding in their garage while all the people of Colorado were in panic.


Days after that incident, there were rumors circling that the dad staged this so that he can get a tv show like the Gosselins. It was reported that the dad first called a tv station before calling the police when the incident happened. Why would you call the station first? I mean should you have called 911 since it's their job to do the rescuing and not the media?!

The dad denied all the accusations surrounding this incident. But watch this interview with Larry King on CNN. At the middle of the interview, the boy said, "We did this for the show..."

I don't know what the boy meant by that, but the parents were flabbergasted and their was a delay in their response to the boy - it's as if they were hiding something and they weren't prepared when suddenly, of all people, their son, blurted their secret.

Youtube source: PoliticsNewsPolitics

Now I'm having doubts about this family. Based from this interview, I think the dad did it to get a tv show (since the Gosselins were having problems with their network.)


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