Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Director of the original FAME movie won't be a fan of the remake

Fame (2009), a remake that centers on the students of the New York Academy of Performing Arts and is now being shown in the Philippines, won't have a fan in the person of the FAME original director - Sir Alan Parker. 

I read somewhere that the director of the original FAME movie, Sir Alan Parker, is not happy with the remake of his baby. According to the original FAME director, no one spoke to him nor he received a call from the producers and the director that they will do a remake of his film. He further added that this movie, is very much his film - he spent months with the kids at the school then spent a year making the movie. He did  the work and made it as good as it can be, and tried to protect it. But because the studio owned the copyrights to the film, they can do a remake of it.

Fame (1980)

Sir Alan Parker also considers suing the studio for the use of the original logo in the remake.


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