Monday, October 19, 2009

My thoughts on the New Moon Soundtrack

The New Moon Soundtrack is already out, and as of now, I'm listening to the songs. =)

If you're a fan of indie bands, I think you'll like the album.

The Killers, Grizzly Bear and Editors


I think the album is a great companion for those who are traveling or to those who just love to stay in their room, doing nothing, with songs that will make you feel relaxed to melancholic to happy. It's like listening to a Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy soundtrack (I think the scorer of Gossip Girl is the same scorer of New Moon).

Aside from Death Cab for Cuties' Meet me on the Equinox, my faves from the album are:

  • Friends
  • Hearing Damage
  • A White Demon Love Song
  • I Belong to You
  • Roslyn
  • The Violet Hour
  • Shooting the Moon
  • No sound but the wind
I also like Lupe Fiasco's "Solar Midnite" and "All I Believe In" by The Magic Numbers and Amadou & Mariam.

Those are my faves, what's yours?


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