Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pelicula marathon at Greenbelt 3

I blocked off my October 10, 2009 (Saturday) schedule and dedicated my entire afternoon for a Pelicula (Spanish film fest) marathon at Greenbelt 3.

Thank God I got a pass on these films, but although I have a pass, we still have to go to the ticket counter to get the tickets. The Ayala people are so strict in giving tickets to pass holders that it took me almost 3 minutes to get my tickets (and people behind me were so annoyed) because they have to verify first if I'm really the holder of the ticket. So if my name didn't match with that of the pass, they have to call Insituto first before they can give it to me. What a bummer! I should have just paid for those and saved myself from waiting for like 3 minutes and annoying the people waiting behind me.

Actually, it's not a full marathon because I skipped a few films so that we could eat and do some window shopping. We watched Chaotic Ana, Meditteranean Diet and Don't Ask me to kiss you because I will (again!)...

Now my thoughts on these three films (well it's two since I already wrote something about the last film)...

Chaotic Ana -

The movie is about Ana, a mid-20s visual artist who is having hallucinations - she keep seeing visions of her past lives. She's been suffering from these visions because what she's been seeing are all about death. What's disturbing is that these deaths were all tragic and morbid kind of deaths - being hanged to death, eaten by birds, freezed to death, stabbed, electrocuted... all were painful. She underwent a process of hypnosis to revisit these visions and uncover the mysteries behind these. They discovered that Ana is a reincarnation of many women who died tragically, that those visions are her deaths in her past lives.

I mean, I do get what the film is trying to say, but the movie for me, has a lot of elements, which made it very confusing for me to watch. I got overwhelmed by so many things that I see, I sometimes forgot where to look. (It's like I'm in a huge mall were everything is on sale and I looked at all the shelves, raking through the clothes, picking everything that I got my hands on, that I forgot that the reason that I was there is to buy a plain white, round neck t-shirt) There are so many visual symbols (dessert, sun, ocean, caves..) and so many subliminal messages. I can say that it is feminist film, I don't want to explain why because it's already 10:41 PM and I'm sleepy, but trust me, it's a feminist film. The film also tackled a lot of subjects that it went as far as the issue of war initiated by the Americans (under the Bush administration).

All in all, for me, the film's okay, those who are into dissecting films might be interested in watching this, but me, I won't watch it again. Sorry Ana, not a fan... =)

Mediterranean Diet -

This film revolves around a talented chef, Sofia and her struggles to become the best chef in Spain. In this movie, Sofia is torn between two men, Toni - the restaurant manager who's been helping Sofia become the best chef ever and Frank - her husband that she loves. Apart from her struggles as she pursues her dream career, she's also juggling between these two men. Frank may be the one she loves, but she can't let go of Toni because she needs him for her career. And Toni, on the other hand, doesn't want to let go of Sofia because he believes that she will be an asset to his restaurant. At the end, they all decided to enter this threesome relationship and put up a restaurant which will become successful, earning her the title of the "Best Chef in the World."

The movie is just a simple story and the only thing that made it "stand out" is the way Sofia handled her relationship with those two men. To be honest, it's only their "love story" that made it interesting to watch because there are already a lot of "chef/cooking movies" shown these past years. (My fave is Ratatouille!) But I was laughing most of the time! The way that they're handling their three-way relationship is so funny that even watching their sex scenes made me laugh! But mind you people, there are a lot of sex scenes in the movie that involved these three characters, so if you're kind of scared to see those kind of images, better not watch this film.


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