Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sam Bradley Press Conference at Podium

After work, I went to the Podium to visit The Ramp store because I'm looking for a skirt. When I was packing my things before leaving the office, I just remembered that Sam Bradley will be having a press conference there to formally launch his Philippine Tour. The press con started at 4 PM and I arrived at the Podium at 6 PM. Since I'm already 2 hours late, I just told myself that it probably has already finished and had already left the venue. With that assumption, I just concentrated on finding my skirt (that I've been looking for almost 2 weeks now) at The Ramp. When I went to the second floor (where The Ramp is located), I saw the press people still eating and camera flashes. So the event has not yet finished and there was Sam Bradley, sitting on the stage doing an interview for a TV show (I think its MTV).

There were just few people left on the venue and because of that, I was able to get this shot from my trusty phone. Maybe it's because the event had already ended and his fans had already left, and Podium is one of those malls that hardly gets filled up because of its limited and high-end establishments.

I won't be me if I won't notice his look. He's wearing a dark pair of jeans, dark sneakers, a shirt and a black blazer - very relaxed. He's tall (maybe 6'0?) and of course, he has those signature British-blushed-cheeks. How I wish I also have those kind of cheeks so that I don't have to put blush anymore. =P 


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