Monday, October 12, 2009

Sam Bradley's performance at The Podium

Since I'm curious about his music, I went to The Podium to watch Sam Bradley sing. After hearing him sing, I think he has a better voice than his vampire friend, Robert Pattinson (No offense.=)).

I liked his song, "Whiskey." I think this song is even better than the love songs he performed at The Podium because I can feel his passion and the friendship, the companionship that he has developed with his favorite drink - whiskey. When he sang it, it's like he's confessing his feelings towards that liquor bottle and how he felt about the idea of letting it go. ( I think?) He's also funny on stage and he's very relaxed, it's as if he's just singing in a friend's party, just sharing his music to everyone else. Nice.

I took videos of his performance - She moves me and of course, (and I think it's every fans' fave because this got the loudest applause when introduced it) Too far gone.

"She Moves Me"

"Too Far Gone"


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