Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Cebu Pacific


Cebu Pacific should thank their lucky stars that they have the cheapest international fares. Because if not, I don't think they'll survived in this business - judging from their crap online booking system.

I may be temporarily happy and excited because I was able to book a singapore round trip for less than two thousand pesos, but what happened to me tonight ---- WAAAAAH! ---- It made me think that sometimes it's better to book a regular priced flight, because as of now, I'm just moments away from losing my sanity.

I'm so effing annoyed right now, I'm not sure if my grammar's correct ---

Dear Cebu Pacific,

I called your office awhile ago about an error in my transaction. I tried to book a promo flight to Singapore for August 28-31, but after filling out the credit card details form and clicking 'continue,' the next page showed that there was an error in the process and that I should start all over again. So I start booking again, and then after accomplishing the credit card details, your site hanged while it was processing my request. I called the bank to ask if my booking has already been charged to my credit card, and the bank said that there were two (2) floating charges from Cebu Pacific. I asked them if they can reverse the other one since it was a result of the error in your online transaction system. The bank said they can't and I have to contact you in order to cancel the other transaction.

I called your customer service to inform about the error in my transaction. A woman named "H" answered my call and said that there were two same flight bookings under my name. But since it is your system's fault that there were 2 same transactions charged to me, the girl who attended my call said that she'll confirm the first booking and cancel the second transaction, and that was okay with me. But since the second transaction was already charged to my account, according to her, what she can do is to apply it for refund, but I have to wait for 60 days before your company will return it to me. If my understanding is correct, that means --- if my bill arrived before you are able to reverse it, I have to pay the 2 same flight bookings and will just have to wait for 60 days before I can get the refund.

My confirmed booking is ______ and my cancelled second booking is _______. The girl said that she'll send two emails to me - one is the confirmed booking and the other is the cancelled booking. I already received the confirmed booking, but the other one, I haven't received yet. Can you send me the second email asap? I need a copy of it for my record. And also, can you hasten the process of my refund? This has happened because of a technical glitch in your part and I believe, that I, your customer, should not be the one suffering because of the incompetence of your online booking system. And also, since it was a floating transaction (according to the bank) and I was able to give you a call to fix this, I assume that it will only take you days or weeks to solve this. I'll be waiting for the second email and hope you'll address this concern as soon as possible.

Marian Papasin


gino510 said...

i am sorry about your cebu pacific misadventure. like you i had my share of unpleasant experiences with them and i want to share it with you.

last may 2009, i went to BKK with my family. at NAIA 3, the crew, of the cebu pacific were impolite. i saw one ground stewardess who made it difficult for an indian-looking american passport holder to get his boarding pass. it took the poor man three times to come back and forth to her for some reasons i was not aware of. the stewardess even made faces at him and talked in the tagalog language to the old man who obviously could not understand. she said something like he even made my supervisor angry. i am of the opinion that she should be more professional. the man was sweating a plenty. had i been her boss, it would have been her privilege to find a new job. she's fired. i was just the next in line to the guy that is why i heard all the transactions very clearly.

the descent was the worst i had ever experienced from years of traveling. i thought we would crash. i felt like we were in a roller coaster ride. although the night was clear, we did not know the source of severe air pockets. my nephew was scared and bounced from his seat even though he was wearing the seat belt. my sister and some passengers were nauseated during descent.

like our late departure, the descent was late as well. the aircraft went around. i thought we would crash on landing. i even taught my kins what to do before landing. the brace brace things.

upon landing, the crew announced normally welcoming us to BKK and thanked us for flying cebu pacific. before i exited the plane, i talked to the pilot and crew. they made the mistake of challenging me to ask around that the weather was bad. i told them that while we cannot control nature, they should have informed the passengers what was happening during the flight. informed passengers will feel more secure even if the odds are bad.

if the cebu pacific owner could read this, they should try to shape up more. i would not mind being your adviser.

Abou said...

oh my

ian papasin said...
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ian papasin said...

@gino510: OMG, that might be one of the worst flight stories I've heard. I hope your family was not traumatized because of that.

@Abou: I can't think of a more civilized word to describe their booking system. I think they should hire better IT professionals to fix their system. I mean, if you'll launch a fare promo, your site should be able to handle the increase in their online traffic. I bet their call center has been receiving a lot of calls from customers re: error in their transactions. God bless them.

bWtAIA8dndf0Vau7v1uLSjgpCHT0ur8- said...

Somehow your posting about cebu pacific reached my mailbox. Just want to share with you a similar experience with the same airline last year. I used their online booking system as well to get on a flight to tacloban from manila. I just followed all the prompts in their program and didn’t notice anything amiss with the procedure when the printer spit out my ticket. When I got to the airport however I wasn’t allowed to get on the flight as my ticket said was supposed to be originating from tacloban and flying to manila. What the??? They made it look like didn’t now how to use a computer and wouldn’t make any adjustments. And when asked for a refund those jerks did not give me back the full amount but even deducted a “no show” penalty AND paid the amount back through my credit card which took about four months. That was my second bad experience with that airline - the first one was a horror story as well! Dala na ako. And yet those a----- keep sending me efliers to this date! Already wrote them a scathing letter too. Mga manhid. Hindi yata mga tao yan Marian.

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