Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have less than 2 months to save the world..

Are you ready world?

Lots of disasters are happening in the world. Two typhoons, Ondoy and Pepeng, have already destroyed hundreds of lives and millions of properties in the Philippines; and the weather centers have forecasted that there are still coming in the next weeks or months…

I think the Earth is really freakin’ pissed at us for what we’ve done to her.

So people, let’s make amends...

If Madona and Justin Timberlake only have 4 minutes to save the world, we have 1 month and a half...

On December 7, 2009, world leaders will gather at Copenhagen to decide on the replacement of the Kyoto protocol, a defining agreement that will determine the future of our planet in the face of the climate crisis. We may not be world leaders but we can share our part in fighting climate change by doing one or many of the following:

- You can become a Climate Ally by recording a one-second video of yourself or group saying 'tck'. You may also send in your photos or simply write a text message (view samples here). All materials can be uploaded at http://www.timeforclimatejustice.org/

If you're just in front of your computer, just surfing sites, you can make yourself useful by spreading the word about Climate Change by sharing these sites to your friends:

* Download and share "Beds are Burning", TckTckTck's official music video
* Visit the TckTckTck official website
* Become a fan of TckTckTck on Facebook
* Add TckTckTck on Myspace
* Follow TckTckTck on Twitter

There are also online stuffs in the TckTckTck website that you can download and maybe, (if you don't mind) you can embed them to whatever personal sites that you have...

Come on people! We can do this! Earth is giving us a lot of chances to change ourselves for the better. Let's not wait for her to have another "bitch fit" and get ourselves (and our loved ones; and the coming generation) killed.


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