Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Ondoy? Why?

Saturday, September 26, 2009, Filipinos (including me, of course) were shocked because we have experienced the worst kind of flood in 40 years. Almost all the cities in the country's capital region was covered with water and mud.

I'm really fortunate because I'm supposed to attend a shoot somewhere in Batangas on that same day. Thank God, while we're on our way, the client called and postponed the shoot. When I arrived in Pasay, all the roads were already flooded - cars floating, kids swimming and worst, there's weren't passenger vehicles available because the flood is so high, the roads weren't passable. It's really hard to go home and I don't want to walk because I'm afraid that I might step into a manhole.

I got home through a 150-peso-ride in a tricycle. Kinda expensive, but at least I'm home. Thank God!

Here are some photos of our street. For the first time, it's flooded!

It was really sad to know that some of our Kababayans were badly affected by the flood.

It was a sad day for Filipinos. Many have died, some are missing and a great number of people were homeless. My prayers...


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