Saturday, November 14, 2009

A day of colorful sails at Punta Fuego's Annual Regatta

It was a sunny morning when we arrived at the Punta Fuego. We were there to cover the Regatta event - Punta Fuego's 8th Sailing and Windsurfing Exhibition.


They had already started sailing when we arrived at Marina. So what we did is asked if they can lend us a motorboat so that the press can get closer shots of the sails in action.



Thank God I brought sunblock!


After snapping some photos, we went to the Peninsula de Punta Fuego for lunch. Their mango shake is the best! I got pizza and pasta for lunch while of them ordered for rice meals. Even the Regatta participants stopped by to take their lunch breaks at the cafe. For dessert, we ordered some ice cream. halo-halo and turon. We ate them at the Cabanas by the beach. The desserts may be overpriced, judging from the way they tasted, but all in all, the experience of eating dessert by the beach - It was really relaxing...





After lunch, we went back to the Terrazas to check in and freshen up. Haaaay, the life of the rich... Everything is so high end. I can't be too loud because I'm surrounded by millionaires, I'm afraid that they might give me the "librarian's look" - the look that you'll get when you're the only loud person in the area and they can't get a decent rest because of you. Fortunately, I was able to keep my behavior as acceptable as possible, managing to be still funny and chattery without bothering anybody.

Going back to the event, Punta Fuego hosted a dinner for the participants of the Regatta. We were able to taste the food prepared by Chef Mikel Arruiz. I got myself a serving of salad, mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken and pork. I'm not a fan of wine, but I still got myself a glass..




It was a great night. There was music provided by a Manila-based band, and there's an unlimited serving of wine and beer for the guests. It was cold and windy, but not chilly. At 12 am, we went back to our rooms to get some sleep since we have to be up by 7 am tomorrow.


This is what I call sigh... It's good to be rich. ----



After a big breakfast composed of omelet, pancakes, rice, tocino, fish fillet and fruits.. (HAHAHA! Gluttony!) We head to the Marina to do some pre0race interviews of the participants. Luckily for us, some of them has just arrived also at the Marina so we were able to get some.




We weren't satisfied with the photos that we get yesterday, so we requested for another boat ride to chase those sails and get a new set of sail shots.



The boat ride was bumpy, but thank God I didn't get seasick!





After the ride, we grab lunch at the Punta Fuego's Italian cafe. Then I left them to go back to Manila for a radio interview at Quezon City. Too bad I wasn't able to stay til dinner, but it was fun!


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