Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It, and he did it.

I may be young when Michael Jackson became one of the best artists ever, but no doubt, his songs, his influence, has reached people of all ages, all races, all over the world.

I was one of those people. Of all the hundred hits that he has produced, my favorite song is Man in the Mirror.

October 29, 2009 - I watched Michael Jackson Concert Documentary, This Is It in Robinson's Galleria. It was disappointing to see that there were only few who watched considering that it got good reviews, including Roger Ebert.

Michael Jackson announced that THIS IS IT will be his final curtain call. But days before the start of his tour, he died and as tribute to him and his legacy, the concert producers compiled videos of their rehearsals, thus THIS IS IT documentary was born. The documentary was shown for only two weeks in select theaters.

I thought the concert will be just like any other concerts that I have watched in DVDs, but I was wrong. Watching the concert was like watching a fantasy-themed production. I was in awe the whole time I watching this film, I don't know where to start ----

The Video Segments - What can I say? WOW. All the video segments that will serve as an intro and background to his songs were all independently shot in a green studio. From the makeup, the prod design, the quality of the film - everything is HQ. I think the cost entailed for shooting one segment is enough to shoulder my expenses for five years. The WOW segments for me are the Smooth Criminal and of course, The Thriller segment. WOW.

The pyro tech used in this concert can give the World Pyro Olympics a run for their money. I've never seen pyro this grand and so complicated. The stage may have so many elements in it, but they managed to maintain its cohesiveness.

The highlight for me was the part when they showed contortionists and pole dancers performing inside these big cage-like chandeliers. That's how grand it is.

I love that he tweaked some of the songs but it still remained faithful to the original. His playlist included all his hits - from Jackson 5 era to his last album. I was singing all the time! And one of his backup singers from his Dangerous Tour is still there, singing backup for him!

And what can I say about the Moonwalker?

The news criticized him when he announced this tour. According to them, he's too weak. But if you watched the film, you won't believe that the guy singing and dancing along with his younger backup dancers is the same weak guy that we saw on the tabloid photos. I think performing at the stage is like an "upper" to him. Once the music played, he transforms into The Michael Jackson - the showman. There were no traces of weakness in his rehearsals.

The film also showed the other side of him - the director. He was very meticulous in everything - from the music, to the stage, the videos, the dancers, the tech - every element of the concert. He really knows what he's doing. But what's touching in this film is that whenever he criticizes someone's work, at the end of his statement, he'll tell them "I love you" or "God Bless You." He might be difficult to work with, (he, being a perfectionist), but you can't help it - you'll still love and adore the guy.

If he's still alive, THIS IS IT might be a kick-ass show. People would be flying to London just to be part of this experience and to watch one of the best performers ever, in his final curtain call..

Youtube credits: ThisIsItMovie09


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