Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon: Made for the fans

After months of waiting, New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight Saga, is now in theaters. Just in case you're from Mars, like the person sitting next to me, (HAHA!) Twilight Saga is 4-book series written by Stephenie Meyer about a love between a vampire and a mortal.

In New Moon, the new vampire-mortal couple will now start to experience the struggles of having a complicated relationship. And when I say complicated, it's complicated x 10, and the most evident of all these complications is the fact that he loves her as much as he wants her blood.

And now my review ---

  • New Moon's color is better than Twilight's. In Twilight, the general color is blue, and I think it best describes Edward's world - cold and lifeless. But in New Moon, director Chris Weitz chose warm tones for the film, somewhat brown and yellowish, to best describe the new leading character in the film, Jacob the werewolf - hot and full of life.
  • New Moon has better soundtrack than Twilight. The album alone is a great listening company with tracks from the Killers, Death Cab for Cutie and Thom Yorke. But although the songs exemplify the general melancholic mood of the movie, some of the scoring done were not good. Some of them don't fit in the scene and in effect, it distracted me as a viewer.
  • In fairness, the actors were better in this movie. There's an improvement in the acting of the three. Rob needs to improve his American accent and sometimes I can't hear his lines. I don't know if that's his fault or the boom man didn't do his job well. Kristen, I'll admit, I appreciate her beauty in this movie. She had an improvement in her acting here, but I don't know, I think she's still too stoic in some scenes. Billy Burke for me, still has the small yet best performance of them all. When I watched him act as Bella's dad, it matches the character that I have in my head when I was reading the book. I'm so looking forward to the character of Aro and Jane and I think Sheen and Fanning did justice to them. Not that great, but "what the hell!" I still love them and I'm looking forward to them in Breaking Dawn. Mike Newton = funny!; Felix = scary.
  • Some of the effects weren't cleanly done. Especially in Sam Uley's cliffdiving scene. It's so obvious that it's CGI! The fight scene between Felix and Edward is good.
  • The locations were beautiful! I can't believe that such forest really exists! I thought it just a set, but it's real. Whoever discovered that forest for New Moon, wow man, you're great! And the Italy scene, that's what I exactly envisioned when I was reading that part! The red cloaked people, the clock... Whoa!
  • My fave scenes: Bella's dream scene where she found herself facing her old self; Bella's cliffdiving scene; Victoria's wolf chase; the Volterra scene - from the yellow porsche to the Felix and Edward fight scene; and my super like: "Monthly transition" scene, where Bella just sat there moping, and the scene around her changes from month to month...Nicely done.
  • Some scenes are unintentionally funny. And that's bad. It meant that some scenes were awkwardly acted out that I laughed when I watched them.
  • The ending (Edward proposed to Bella informally, then cut to black) which teases us on the next installment, Eclipse, the treatment on that is great. It really got me excited on Eclipse!
  • Unfortunately, there's still some cheesy scenes in the movie. And I mean, melted Mozarella Cheese! And the cheesiest of them all? Do I really need to elaborate? If you've watched the movie, you should know what I'm talking about. If you're clueless, here's the photo:

Do I still need to explain why? Okay, here's the why. It's like watching a video from a Karaoke song. Two lovers chasing each other, but instead of a beach setting, the chasing was done in the forest.
I love Edward, but this is so cheesy!

To sum up everything, New Moon was made really for the fans. If you're there to fall in love, see Robert Pattinson in his glorious vampire self, feast your eyes on half naked, sexy adult men, and wants to see something visually beautiful, regardless of the content, then this movie is for you. But if you're a diehard book fan and wants to see its film adaptation, you might be happy at some parts, but there are some that you'll be disappointed. And if you're a critic, then you'll find a lot of flaws in this movie and at the end, you'll just say that it's a movie specifically targeted to teenagers and mothers who wants a guy like Edward and Jacob and you'll be sad for them because everything you'll say about the movie will just break their hearts.

--- And by the way, I still think the New Moon book is kinda anti-feminist. The guy left you, you almost die because of depression, then he returns, asking you to accept him again with a begging-eyes-look, then you'll just accept it just like that?! And with a kiss and hug?!? Huh.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan.


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