Tuesday, December 1, 2009

500 days of Summer is truly not a love story, it's a story about love

500 Days of Summer may not be you typical happily-ever-after type of movie, but I liked it.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hella good.

(Is it just me or does Zooey Deschanel really looks like Katy Perry?!)

The editing is great, the intentionally jumbled sequences has further enhanced the emotional effect of the movie, making me appreaciate more and understand what Tom Hansen (Gordon-Levvitt) has gone through and its effect on his feelings towards Summer.

500 Days of Summer is literally about Tom Hansen's 500-day relationship with a girl named summer. The movie doesn't have a happy ending, well at least not for them as a couple, but I think the ending is good because it just showed a realistic kind of love between two people living in a real world - not your typical love wherein amidst all - the breakup, the fights, the sex, their differences, etc.; they still got back together, got married, had kids and will live happily-ever-after...

My fave scenes:

  • Elevator scene when they first talked to each other
  • The Hall and Oates "You make my dreams" dance scene
  • Reality vs Expectation scene (THIS IS MY MOST FAVE)

Fans of disney movies might not appreciate how love has been portrayed in this movie, but for me, this is what a relationship should be if your perspective on love is the same as Tom's or Summer's. I mean, if you're not happy with your man, why prolong the suffering? Why stay if it's unhealthy for you? The honest thing to do and believe me, your partner will appreciate it in the long run (of course he'll hate you at first if you broke up with him, duh! But he'll soon realize that what you did for your relationship is right) is to end your relationship with your partner. During these times, the line "Try and Try until you succeed" will not work. You'll end up trying until you're dead. And you'll be bitter all throughout because you had wasted so many years trying to fix it instead of enjoying your life, meeting a lot of people, experiencing new things, and maybe find a better guy for you eventually.

And for the soundtrack, all I can say is I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK! It's a feel good album with songs by Regina Spektor, The Smiths and other bands that will brighten your day. "Brighten" as in you-will-feel-as-if-you-are-in-a-full-color-animated-world-when-you-listen-to-the-songs "brighten."

If you don't believe me, here's one of my fave songs off the OST: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Traps---


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