Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'd love to meet my Angel, but I hope he doesn't looked like that ice cream guy in Legion

Vampires took a break and zombies, well let's just say they're not in season yet...

Then enters Legion, a movie with an apocalyptic plot. God has lost faith in mankind, so he sent his angels to exterminate them. One archangel, Michael (Paul Bettany) has defied God and he went down to earth to protect a baby who is believed to be mankind's savior. It was not explained how can this child save man but if Archangel says so, then they should believe him. (That's faith people.. Haha!)

In Legion, the angels were depicted differently from mine. My version of an angel is a creature that possesses an ethereal beauty, someone like Legolas minus the pointed ears, and they should be gentle, loving creatures. But in Legion, the angels looked like gladiators with wings and they get dirty and sweaty. When they possess a human, they turned into creepy persons with limbs that stretch, has shark-like teeth, zombie-like features and they want to kill people.

Michael thought that he should only focus on the survival of the Paradise Falls diner people, especially the pregnant waitress, but it turned out that this is also God's test for him. To see how good he was as an angel.

In the end, it all took a little ounce of faith, a loadful of guns and martial arts expertise of Angel Michael to be saved.

Now my thoughts ---

  • The movie is a little dragging. I mean the plot is good, there are scenes that got my interest, but 1/2 of the movie, I was just looking at the screen thinking, "And then? And then? And then?... Next scene please!"

  • I gotta say... The ice cream man is the highlight of this movie! He should be given more screening time! I think it'll give the movie more ooompf if he stayed there for a couple more minutes and gave Angel Michael a run for his life.
  •  The effects were great. This is kinda expected since its director, Scott Stewart, is a visual effects specialist and was behind movies like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Sin City and Pirates of the Carribbean.
  • If I'm a nosy kid, I would have a lot of ridiculous why's in this movie.Why did the possessed people attacked only during nighttime? Were they afraid of the sun? Why did Angel Gabriel have bullet proof wings that can also slice men in half and yet, Angel Michael who's now human, can give him a head shaking uppercuts and jabs? (HAHA!)

All in all, it's an okay action movie. If you are into apocalyptic plots and angels with uzis, rifles, pistols, M16s and rocket launchers, then this movie is for you.


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