Friday, February 19, 2010

AVATAR... Gotta admire James Cameron. Great! Great! Great!

I'm a loser.

I just watched James Cameron's AVATAR last weekend.

It is true. All the waiting, the hype, the positive reviews about it.. It's all true. It's really a good movie.

Despite having a 30-minute extension, it was able to capture my interest all throughout with its pacing and perfect graphic effects. There was so much to take in, to understand, that I got tired after watching. But don't get me wrong, it's really a good movie, but since I focused all my concentration on the 2 and a half hour movie, it's really normal for me to get tired after watching.

 James Cameron's Avatar, for me, is one of those movies that has successfully infused reality and animation. I was really in awe. Now I really understood why it took him years to complete. This kind of perfection can be achieved in years.

Actually, this movie made me think a lot about things.
  • I think companies and countries, especially those belonging to the First World, should watch this movie. I think you'll learn a lot of things and maybe this will become some sort of "divine intervention" to make you realize the consequences of what you are doing to this world. (I don't want to elaborate)
  • I think there will come a time that the small countries, those that are underdeveloped, those that have been conquered, will be the ones that will lead the world in the future.
  • Despite our continuous technological development, there will come a time, that these will render useless once nature has taken its toll upon us.
  • And also, because of this technology, it may be possible for mankind to come up with an invention that could imitate God's abilities. 
By the way, AVATAR is still showing at IMAX at SM Mall of Asia and at SM North Edsa. =)


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