Friday, February 5, 2010

Enchanted 2, Fast and Furious 5, Director Johnny Depp... reports that Disney is planning to shoot the sequel of Enchanted by next year. The first Enchanted which starred Amy Adams, McDreamy Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden, revolves around the character of Giselle, a damsel from fairytale-land, which was thrown to the real world by an evil witch-queen. Then together with her chipmunk, she tries to survive Manhattan while waiting for her prince charming to rescue her and marry her, and live happily ever after. (haaaay...Now I miss singing the Happy Working Song! Haha!)

Another returnee is Vin Diesel, who together with Paul Walker, will return to star in the fifth installment of the popular racing franchise, The Fast and the Furious. The fifth movie is being referred to as "Fast Five."

Now for my fave, sexy, pirate Johnny Depp, by next week, he'll start working on directing a documentary about Rolling Stone's Keith Richards. Keith Richards starred as Jack Sparrow's father in the Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End.


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