Monday, March 1, 2010

Boy bands, music, ageing and Justin Bieber

I don't think one is too old to admire teen pop stars. I remember being so involved in the Backstreet Boys craze when I was in highschool. I used to buy their albums (the last album that I bought was the Black and Blue) and watch them in MTV whenever they guest in their TRL show. It is also the era when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera broke into the market and suddenly, the music industry was infested by former Disney Channel child stars.

And now with the music industry's continues evolution and because of the inevitable phenomenon called ageing, my former teen crushes are now in their 30s, having babies and doesn't sing bubblegum-i'm-down-on-bended-knees kind of songs. But since teenagers still make up a huge chunk of their market, music companies continues to produce batches of teen music idols to satisfy their teen market.

The latest craze now? Usher's prodigy, Justin Bieber. He broke into the mainstream market with his song "One Time." I read in the news that malls temporarily shut down because there's always crowd control problems when he's there for a meet and greet.

I like his new song, "Baby". It reminds me of the days when So So Def's album were famous. I know I'm already in my twenties, but "what the hell?" I think his songs are cute. I hope he doesn't grow up with sedatives on his side. Keep it up, kid!


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