Thursday, March 18, 2010

OH!Some OH!Range Chicken from Chowking.. So OH!Wow and so OH!Right

I don't know if it's just me or it's the weather that causes to me to be picky when it comes to food. These past weeks, my eating mood changes drastically and most of the time I find some foods too heavy or kinda bland for my tastebuds. I really think it's the weather... (Hehe!) So these past days, the kind of foods that tickles my buds are those that has some kind of tangy flavor.

But of course these kind of foods needs longer preparation and I admit, I'm not that good of a cook to make myself these kind of foods that I'm craving for. So where does that lands me? Fried food or fast food. I love fried foods, especially chicken, but sometimes I get tired of eating them since there's nothing new to their taste. But these geniuses at Chowking developed a new twist to my fried chicken...

It's called OH!Some OH!Range Chicken. It's still my favorite crispy fried chicken chunks with a tangy, amber-colored glaze and real mandarin orange bits. And what made it even more exciting to our palates is its latest hunk endorser Jericho Rosales and his OH!some OH!range dance moves.

Surprisingly for me, the food tastes great! And what's best about it is that you can get this meal at an affordable price. So there's no need for you to have second thoughts on whether you'll try it out or not since the price won't burn your pockets.

The dish starts at P69 for the Rice Chow Meal with a generous portion of Orange Chicken and rice;

P99 for the Lauriat which includes crispy noodles, Chicharap and Buchi;

and P125 for the Salo-Salo Set ideal for sharing. It is also available via delivery. Just call 9-8888, and after 30-45 minutes, your OH!Range Chicken is already at your doorsteps!

Another reason to be excited for this latest addition in Chowking's menu is the fact that this new meal marks Chowking's 25th year in foodservice industry. Imagine, 25 years of serving a fusion of Filipino and Oriental foods not only to its Philippine customers but also to United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Middle East.

A round of applause for Chowking!


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