Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A parent will do anything for the love of their kids..

I'm not yet a parent, but I believe that this is really true. And it is best exemplified in the movie Extraordinary Measures, starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford.

The movie is based on the true story of John Crowley and his family. John Crowley (Fraser) is a corporate executive who later resigned on his job to find a particular scientist, Dr. Stonehill (Ford) to help him develop a cure for his two kids who are suffering from Pompe and are at the brink of death. 

Pompe is a form of genetic disorder  that causes the heart and muscles to weaken as you get older. I find the movie drama-heavy as I watch Fraser's struggle to maintain a working relationship with Ford, and at the same time, make progress in developing the cure amidst all the pressures given by the investors. Unfortunately, this is reality. Despite having a brilliant and workable business plan, it won't attain success that fast because there are a lot of corporate barriers that you have to surpass and a lot of people that you have to satisfy. After all, it is still a business. But aside from showing us the reality, it also presented us different faces of miracle - not the typical miracle that we see in movies wherein a white light from the ceiling appears, then the patient is suddenly cured, not that one, but the miracle of surviving death, the miracle of making something that many thought was impossible and the miracle of realizing what you can do - the possibility of surpassing your own capabilities, e.g. producing a hundred million dollars, all for the love of a parent to his children. And if I may just add, great acting from both guys. So if you're into movies about inspiration and miracles, then this is the movie for you.

Thanks to Sharon Yu and SM Cinemas for the screening invite. Extraordinary Measures is now showing in cinemas.


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