Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glee Home Episode, the most tearful episode for me yet...

The "Home" Episode of Glee has got to be the shining moment for Kurt and Mercedes' characters. Kristin Chenoweth reprised her role as April Rhodes in this episode and this has got to be the one of the most emotional episodes so far. It's also refreshing to hear other characters belting out songs since most of the time, it is a Rachel and Finn show. Producers should do this more often so as not to wear out their viewers with too much Rachel, Finn and Will in the picture. I mean, I love Rachel and Finn but I think the other Glee members also has their own struggles to solve too, and I think this episode is a good start. Hope to see the others' story as well!

If you missed yesterday's episode, here are the highlights:

  • Sue reserved the auditorium for a week for her Cheerios to rehearse before the pep rally and her interview with Splits magazine, which left Will with no venue for his New Directions rehearsal.
  • Will found a skating rink and considered it as a venue for their rehearsal. There he met his old gal pal April Rhodes, who also manages the rink. April is still not yet sober, and she's now a mistress of a mall tycoon who also owns the skating rink that she manages.
  • Struggling to fit in the "in-crowd", Mercedes tries her best to be part of the Cheerios team, but Sue said that she has to wear short skirts and lose weight in order for her to stay in the club. She obliged and started dieting until she fainted one day because of low blood sugar in her body. Quin approached her and told her that she should not follow Sue and she's beautiful in her own way and she should be at home with her body.
  • Kurt set his father up with Finn's mother so he can be closer to Finn. His plan worked and both parents started dating. But the plan backfired when he became jealous upon seeing Finn and his dad bond and talk about sports. Finn and Kurt tried to stop it, but they failed.
  • Pep Rally and Splits Interview Day. Mercedes has to perform a Cheerios routine but instead, she gave a speech and raised her concern on the true meaning of beauty and sang Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. Students were moved with her speech and joined in the singing. The reporter who initially planned on criticizing Sue's management of the team, also got moved and congratulated Sue and told her that he'll be writing good things about her and the team because he thought Sue is a good example of a coach who doesn't discriminate her Cheerios members because of their looks and race.
  • April broke up with the tycoon and he died. The wife paid her 2 million dollars hush money. She bought the Glee club an auditorium and decided to go to New York to do a production of "The Wiz."

Next week is "Bad Reputation" episode. Mr. S tries to do an investigation on "Glist" - a list that involves his club members. Molly Shannon and Olivia Newton-John will guest on this episode, can't wait again! I love Molly Shannon! I remember her Superstar movie! "Superstar!"

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