Friday, April 23, 2010

Winema! The First Interactive Cinema in the Philippines!

It's already conquering the movie theaters of some big film countries like United States and France, and now, it's making a buzz here in the Philippines!

SM Cinemas, the first to bring the IMAX 3D Experience in the country, is set to introduce to the Filipino movie audience a new cinema watching experience - the Winema.

Winema (“We Interact with the Cinema”) at SM Cinema is a groundbreaking innovation which turns the whole movie audience into human joysticks through interactive cinema gaming.

With a motion sensitive camera, movie watchers will maneuver the character on screen left and right by waving their arms in the air according to the direction they want it to follow.

Winema games are able to detect multiple physical movements from the movie crowd through its Tolerance Factor. It will follow the summation of the group’s physical movements. For example, 80% of the people directed to the right, then the game character will as well. With the strict programming of this aspect of the game and the large number of participants, the possibility of the program getting “confused” will be insignificant.

Winema is free and will run for 3 minutes so the movie audience need to accumulate as much points under the given time. The movie audience that gets to beat the high score will receive a prize for each audience member.

For its first two-months run, SM Winema audience will be able to play these games:

1. Boink Out (Arkanoid Game)

2. Power Catcher

But don't worry, these won't be just the games that you'll be playing 'til you're too old to go to the cinema, SM Winema will introduce new games regularly for us to enjoy!

Winema will have its first run at the SM Digital Cinema 1 of SM Megamall.

What are you waiting for?

Bring your family, friends, auntie, uncle, neighbor, officemates, and strangers for a new cinema watching experience!


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