Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad songs and Bad behavior in Glee's Bad Reputation episode

Today's episode, Bad Reputation, I admit is the least liked episode of mine. Too much negativity and there's not much redeeming parts in the episode. But what can I expect? The episode's supposed to be centralized on one theme: Bad. And it didn't fail to do that.

Today's episode guest starred Olivia Newton-John and Molly Shannon. Here are the highlights:

  • Kurt discovered a video of Sue remaking Olivia Newton-John's Physical music video. He showed it to some Glee co-members and Finn posted it online. Now, everybody at McKinley High, including the faculty were all laughing at her.
  • Sue stormed Figgin's office demanding for a punishment to the one who uploaded the video. She suspects that it's someone from Will's Glee club. Will contested Sue's suspicion because he believes that his kids are good and aren't capable of doing it. As part of her evidence against the Glee kids, Sue presents a copy of the "Glist," a ranking of the members of glee based on a hotness quotient of sexual promiscuity. According to Sue, the list was created by from a school computer using the password "glee," so she believes it's someone from the Glee club who did it. Figgins pressured Will to figure out who the culprit is or else, the entire glee club will be held responsible.
  • For their Glee assignment, Will tasked them to rehabilitate a bad song.

  • Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, Tina and Brittany planned to cause a school scandal so that the students would be aware that they are also capable of doing bad things. They decided to cause a disruption in library by performing MC Hammer's Can't Touch This. The librarian wasn't furious and instead, she offered to talk to her pastor so that they can perform in their church.
  • Sue told Emma that Will has made out with Shelby, the Vocal Adrenaline coach, and that April Rhodes has been sleeping over. Emma's shocked and Sue encouraged her to confront Will in front of everyone so that she can get back at him for what he done. Sue escorts Emma to the teacher's lounge so that she can confront Will. She called him a slut and that she's through with him. Will tried to apologize but Emma rejected him.

  • Sue got a call from Olivia Newton-John and was offered to do join her in remaking the Physical music video. Kurt admitted to Sue that he's the one who stole the video from her office and Sue thanked him.
  • Ashamed of being at the bottom of the Glist, Rachel decided to made a video of a bad song, Run Joey Run with Finn, Puck and Jessie as her male partners without all of them knowing that the three of them will be in the same video. After seeing the video, the three guys were angry at Rachel for they felt that Rachel used them so that she can show to other people that she can be also cool since she got three guys in her video. Hurt because of what Rachel did to him, Jessie approaches Rachel and tells her that he asked around about her before he transferred to McKinley to be her boyfriend. Rachel explained that she only did that because she wants to be popular too. Jessie said that although he understands her in terms of celebrity, but as her boyfriend, Jessie thought that he should have been enough for her. Rachel says that she knew he'd end up breaking her heart but Jessie said that she broke his heart first.
  • Will approached Quin and talked to her again about the Glist. He realized it was Quin who posted the glist after he experienced losing his reputation. She's lost so much that she had the most to gain. Quinn confesses and said she never meant to hurt anyone. Principal Figgins interrupts to find out if Will has found the culprit. Will says that no one has confessed, but proposes that, since the Glists have stopped, they should let it go. Figgins agrees. 

And now for next week, its the Laryngitis episode. Puck shaves his head, Rachel loses her voice and... Kurt kisses a girl?! Here's the trailer for next week:

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