Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Elections 2010

Filipinos... today is the day. Have you cast your vote?

Cast your votes now and elect someone who you think will be the best to lead our country to change and progress.

I think this year's elections is a little better because it is now automated. Despite some failed machines and other voting discrepancies, I think the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic were able to mount a faster process of electing officials.

Voting took me less than an hour. It helped that the election officials in our precint in Pasay City East High School has systematized the voting process. People voted per batch and there's a room (with chairs) for those who are waiting for their turn, so they don't have to stand and sweat while waiting and there's fewer people in the actual voting room. I think we're one of the lucky ones.

Voting has been extended until 7 PM today. Please exercise your right to vote. Our country needs better leaders.

By the way, I think GMA 7's Election coverage is so high-tech because they also used the same hologram reporting technology done by CNN during the McCain-Obama elections. It's so Star Wars!


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