Saturday, May 22, 2010

TV, Movie... Updates...

Wow, this week has been so hectic for me that I didn't have time to post stuff in my blog! And since I'm too sleepy today, I'll make this short and quick..
  • Megan Fox is out in the third installment of Transformers. People say she was booted out, but according to her, it's her decision to quit the franchise.
  • After surviving brain haemorrhage, Bret Michaels is back again in the hospital after suffering a stroke. It has been reported, that doctors has found some heart complication that might have caused his stroke.
  • Have you seen this week's Glee episode? Wow. Neil Patrick Harris isn't just funny, he can sing! Those "Dream on" notes, it's no joke! And guess who's Rachel's mom? Tada! It's Shelby! Jessie St. James' former coach in Vocal Adrenaline! Things are getting deeper. And what's next? Lady Gaga Episode! 

         And by the way, there's a sequel to the Glee Madonna episode. Need I say more? Waaaaah!

  • Have you watched the season finale of Gossip Girl? If not, then don't read beyond this line ---
So Jenny saw Dan and Serena sleeping together and she took a picture of them and forwarded it to Gossip Girl. And because of that, everybody now hate Jenny. On the other hand, Queen B, is still contemplating and whether she'll meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building and fix their relationship. In the end they got back, but after a few minutes, Blair broke up with him after Dan told her that Chuck slept with Jenny. Oh, I forgot to tell, Dorota has delivered her baby! Aaaaaw... So back to B, she's so devastated, she decided to go to Paris and Serena joined her. And about Chuck, he got shot at Prague after refusing to give his proposal ring to the robbers. But don't worry C and B fans, (I'm one of them!), Chuck is going to live! And in the next season, he'll still try to win B back. I'm so rooting for them! Damn you Jenny Humphrey! Haha!

  • After showcasing his new hairdo in the Ellen Degeneres show, Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson has now started shooting his new film, Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon. Whoa! Hot.
  • After losing their son, Jon Travolta and wife Kelly Preston has announced that they are expecting a new baby! Congratulations!


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