Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glee goes funky and sneak peek on season finale episode

Can't believe it.. Time really goes fast. This week's Glee episode is the second to the last episode of the season. They're going to say "Bye bye for now" on June 9. Huhuhu... Enough moping, let's recap what happened.

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  • Jessie St. James has returned to Vocal Adrenaline. They snuck in New Direction's auditorium and sang a song number to intimidate them. As part of their dirty tactics, they trashed their rehearsal room and Jessie broke up with Rachel, hoping this will spoil their chances at regionals.
  • To get revenge, Puck and Finn destroyed Vocal Adrenaline's tires but was caught. Finn told the principal that they'll pay the damages by working part time.
  • Infuriated by Sue, Will decided to get revenge by seducing her then break her heart after. He regretted doing that so he asked for an apology for he did.
  • Depressed and newly divorced Will went to Sam to seek help. Will can't find a way to inspire his glee club after what Vocal Adrenaline did to them. Sam told him that there's weakness, Vocal Adrenaline can't do a Funk number. So he assigned the club to research for funky songs to perform.
  • Jessie called Rachel and asked if they can meet at the parking lot. Rachel went to meet with him, but she later found out that it was a setup. Vocal Adrenaline, including Jessie threw eggs at her.
  • After hearing Rachel's story, Puck and the rest were so angry and wants to get revenge. Will stopped them saying violence isn't the answer. So instead, he borrowed Rachel's phone to call Jessie and told him to gather all the Vocal Adrenaline and meet them at New Directions' auditorium.
  • And now it's New Directions turn to do a number to intimidate the Vocal Adrenaline and sang "Give up the funk" by Parliament. After the number, Jessie and his team were worried because they knew that funk is the only genre that they cannot perform because they're "soulless automatons."
So love the ending! I love Puck's last line, "See you punks at regionals." So cold and ruthless, just the way I like it. Back at you Jessie! Hahaha!

And this is it! The preview of Glee's season finale episode! Can't wait!

Wait there's more! A season finale sneak peek!


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