Sunday, June 20, 2010

My thoughts on Sex and the City 2, Prince of Persia and Killers

I know these films have opened weeks ago, but forgive me if it took me forever before I can watch them. While the whole country celebrates Independence Day, I spent my whole afternoon watching three films in SM Cinema - Sex and the City 2, Prince of Persia and Killers.

Now my thoughts:

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2 follows after Carrie Bradshaw's marriage with Mr. Big. in SATC 2, she's now dealing with her struggles to deal with issues of living with his husband and completing her new book about New York women settling down. Carrie is known for being the "it single girl" of New York, so despite her love for Mr. Big, she still finds it difficult adjusting to the married life. And then when Samantha got invited to visit Abu Dhabi for a possible PR business client, she and the gang went on a luxurious vacation and there found lots of sand, new experiences, new learnings and of course, men and sex.

What I love about this television-series-turned-to-movie is that it dealt with a lot of issues about women, aging and fashion. Any woman can relate to any of the four characters. And these are not just common issues, but also the challenges women faces whenever she advances to a new stage in her life. And it is a surprise that of all places that they've picked for a location shoot, they picked Abu Dhabi, a country that is quickly progressing but still retains sex as a taboo subject and women are still not at par with men in terms of their role in the society. A country whose values are so different from the four women of New York, especially Samantha's.

And of course, nobody can complain about the clothes and the shoes. They are all beautiful. Sigh.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is based on a popular video game of the same title. It stars a buffed Jake Gyllenhal dressed in an ancient, slightly dirty and yet sexy army costume jumping from building to building and got himself involved in brawls and sword fights with black hooded, weird-looking people.

Despite the fast-paced action, I find the film quite dragging. It took me just minutes to predict what will happen in the movie. But if you're a fan of the game, then this film is a treat for you.


In Killers, Katherine Heigl, a common and unadventurous woman who is just fresh from a breakup, flies to France with her parents for a vacation. There she met Ashton Kutcher, an assassin disguised as a tourist. And after that, (of course) they went into a date, fell in love, and got married. With marriage as his priority, Ashton left his assassin job and lived in a suburban village with his wife, who still don't know his true identity. One year later, after getting an invitation from his formal boss, his life was put into jeopardy as people around him tries to kill him and his wife. And the ruckus begins.

Killers is a Mr. and Mrs. Smith gone all wrong. I can't say more about this movie. Though Katherine's parents in this movie are so funny. And Mr. Ashton Kutcher is so ripped in this movie. Gotta envy Demi Moore. Yum.


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