Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Janet Jackson Goes Deep in Manila

Can't wait to finally watch and hear her live next Friday!

Janet Jackson will start her Number Ones World Tour here in Manila, Philippines on February 4 at the Plenary Hall, PICC.

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From her site:
Janet Jackson has chosen “Go Deep” as the song dedicated for the city of Manila on her largest ever world tour celebrating 35 number ones hits. Janet has chosen to dedicate her hit song “Go Deep” from the hit album Velvet Rope to the fans and city of Manila. Part of Janet’s "Janet Number Ones, Up Close and Personal" tour will be the dedication of a number one song to each city.

“I dedicate ‘Go Deep’ to all my fans in Manila. It was a dream for me to start my Number Ones Up Close and Personal tour in your magical city and country. There is a truth in the Philippines that enchants people all over the world. I can't wait to get there and be with you,” said Janet.

The Manila performance will take place at the Philippine International Convention Center on February 4th.


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