Thursday, March 31, 2011

First week in Kiwi Land

March 21 - boarded a Jetstar flight to Singapore to start my 2-month trip to New Zealand. It was a pleasant 3-hour flight and the best thing about this flight is I get to stay in Singapore Changi Airport 1, which for me, is one of the best airports in world.

Waited for more than 5 hours in the airport before boarding the flight to Auckland.

The plane to Auckland was bigger than the one that I rode from Manila to Singapore. There's a free movie on board, but instead of watching, I just slept throughout the flight.

After more than 10 hours, we've finally landed! Auckland!

After getting my luggage and passing the customs check, I suddenly craved for a Subway sandwich. Whoa! Food is really expensive if converted in pesos. My sandwich cost around $7, when converted to pesos = Php 200+.

And I'm out of the airport to go home! My first impression about Auckland, lots of greens and expressways. The average speed is 80 kph. I don't think I can drive here, thank God I haven't applied for a license yet!

More on my Auckland adventures on my next posts!


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