Friday, April 1, 2011

Auckland's Central Business District via commute

First order of the week - learn how to commute via bus.

Since I don't know how to drive and even if I know, I won't dare to drive in this country (because 1-It's a right-hand driving country; 2-The speed limit is 80kph; and 3-There are traffic cameras everywhere), I must master the art of commuting in NZ. The basic modes of transportation in this country are the buses and trains. Unlike in Manila, buses with different routes have different loading stations and bus stops, so that means the loading station of a bus going to City A is different for the bus going to City B.

For tourists like me, you can go to for routes, fares and trip schedules. They also have a special Events page for routes if you're going to attend a concert, circus or gaming event.

My first destination is the busy Auckland CBD.

It was a 40-minute trip from Massey to CBD. Once I got there, wow, the streets are really busy. Everybody seems to be in a hurry and people from all walks of life (and races) can be found here.

Since I arrived there at around lunchtime, I just made a quick trip to the money changer and went to a small asian food corner where they serve Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Korean and Singaporean food. I bought Laksa since it was the perfect food for the weather here in the city.

What I liked about Auckland? You can find many kinds of food in here. If you're craving for an Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, American, French, and weird cuisine, you can find it all here.

I wasn't able to finish all my food so I had it packed so that I can eat it at home.

Now back to Auckland CBD, aside from the office buildings, there are also a lot of shop stalls in the streets which offers what they call a "Reduced to clear" Sale Items. Famous shops here are Posties, Cotton On, Kathmandu, Sunglass Hut and a lot more (I just forgot their store names).

There are also great architectural buildings which will remind you of Old London.

Next on my walk trip - The Skytower. This is Auckland's tallest tower and offers a unique bunjee jumping adventure. If you're not into extreme jumping, you can try the skywalk or dine in the 360-degree rotating restaurant on top of the tower.

One of the biggest upcoming event here is the Rugby World Cup 2011. They put up a countdown in the middle of the city. How I wish I was still here when this happens.

After walking around the city, you can take a rest at the Victoria Park. I think Kiwis are mostly into outdoor relaxation that's why in every city and neighborhood there will always be a nearby park where families can jog, play rugby (or cricket), relax, stroll barefooted and have a picnic.

After a good 30-minute stopover at Victoria Park, I walked back to the center streets to ride the train home. Their train station doesn't looked like a train station, it looked like a museum.

The building at the back is the train station

Once I got out of the station, I tried walking barefoot on my way home. Surprisingly, once I got home, I checked my feet to see if its dirty and it wasn't. The streets here are so clean that people here can walk barefoot everywhere and even go to the grocery store without their shoes. Wow, really wow.


Anonymous said...

If you went walking with your bare feet in the store believe me your feet would be dirty. I've been barefoot in several grocery store and the same result dirty feet. I've even been to the mall with my bare feet and even after only one level of mall walking I feet already had some dirt on them. I love being barefoot in the grocery store people always look or comment to each other.

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