Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flight review: Jetstar flight to Auckland

Jetstar's announcement of its fare sale last year has been a blessing to people like me who hopes of flying to one of the most liveable cities in the world without spending $1000+.

MY RATE: 7/10

Airport: Jetstar airlines operates at NAIA 1 airport. My ticket allowed me to bring 20kg checked-in baggage. Upon arriving at the airport, check in your baggage and make sure that the weight is within the limit or else you have to pay extra. Since I was boarding on a connected flight, the counter lady asked if I want to tag my baggage up to NZ or have it tagged to Singapore and check in again at Singapore airport. I strongly suggest to have your luggage tagged to your final destination to avoid hassles in checking in and out your baggages. After checking in your baggage, you will be asked to pay a Philippine travel tax worth Php1,600+ at a small booth located near the Jetstar counter.

What I liked about Jetstar is that the connecting flight is via Singapore Changi 1 Airport, which is one of the best airports in the world. I don't think I will die of boredom while waiting for my next flight because there are lots of things that you can do at Sinapore airport.

Singapore flight: I boarded a 6-seats-per-row plane to Singapore. They don't serve free snacks and water but you can buy them and pay through Singapore or US dollar.

Upon arriving at Singapore airport and if this is your first time, don't rest yet, instead look for the Jetstar counter for connecting flight to Auckland. This information can be found at Airport flight schedule kiosks located all throughout the airport. Once you know the place, try checking where it is exactly located before you rest or eat something. Check if the counter is open once in a while and if it is open already, immediately submit your boarding pass so that you may be issued a new one, know your boarding time and gate number of your flight. And again, before resting, know where your gate is located before anything else. If you need a wheelchair assistance, kindly inform the counter so that they may request for it for you.

Auckland flight: Now this is what I call a long flight. I boarded a 10-seats-per-row plane at around 6 pm. The flight was almost 11 hours long so I turned on my ipod and readied my books for a long sleepless flight. The seats were just alright for my 5-ft frame. If you have longer limbs, well goodluck to you. The legroom is not that wide for you to stretch your legs, so if you want a wider one, try requesting to be seated at the front row.

Upon booking online, you can choose to pay for your meals or just buy them during your flight. The plane food prices range from AUS $8-15 which you can pay using your Singapore, NZ, US or AUS notes. The heated meals were just alright but if you are particular with the taste of the food, you can buy Japanese-branded instant noodles instead. ☺

I'm not sure if water is free on board, but here's a tip, while waiting for your flight at Singapore airport, buy a bottled water, drink all it contents, bring the empty bottle with you to the plane, and before boarding, refill it through the drinking fountain which is located a few steps before the boarding entrance. That way, you can have your own supply of water for your long flight.

There are enough loos at the plane which has a working flush, water, tissues and hand soap. But if you are kind of a neat freak, suggest you bring your own wet tissues, feminine wipes (for girls) and a pocket hand sanitizer just in case.

Bring a pair of earphones which you can plug onto your seat so that you can listen to the radio or listen to the movie/television show being played on board. These are for free, but if you want your own entertainment tv, you can rent it on board for (I think) AUS $35.

As for the flight attendants, some of them were able to speak other languages like Chinese and Indian, but I think it's better to bring some basic English with you.

All in all, the flight is okay - something you can expect from an airline that offers budget plane fares. After all, "you always get what you paid for," right?


Anonymous said...

It was great that you had a nice experience with Jetstar. I would just like to ask if the layover in Singapore requires a transit visa (Singapore) that needs to be filed before the flight if you'll only stay in the airport?

Also, if you'll need transit visa of Singapore when you want to enter Singapore and visit the city proper for a short time? In case that you'll have 10 hours layover.

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