Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Zealand's National Museum - Te Papa Tongarewa

Te Papa Tongarewa - a walking distance from where we lived in Wellington (YHA Wellington) and in English means "Container of Treasures," is New Zealand's national (and perhaps the biggest) museum with collection ranging from Art, History, Pacific, Maori and Natural Environment.

Entrance to this magnificent building is free but if you want to donate, feel free to drop a few bills in their designated donation boxes.

The five-floor (I think) museum has a cafe, shop, parking, library and a customer service counter for museum assistance and guided tours.

The museum is home also of the perfectly preserved (and perhaps one of the world's biggest) squid.

Apart from their wide collection of preserved artifacts and restored antiques, the museum offers state-of-the-art and interactive displays where you can not only learn, but have fun as well.

A hologram presentation of Maori's Boating Culture. 

Produce your own music with this laser thingy. Just point your hand towards a circle and you will hear a beat/melody.  Run your hands towards all the circles and a song will come up.

The museum is open everyday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Entrance is free except for some halls inside the museum where there are special exhibitions and short-term display of a collection.


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