Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm tired of hearing: "It's out of stock, just try the dept. store or the other mall..."

Have you ever encountered trying to buy a product and then the salesperson manning the store/stall/boutique/booth tells you that they don't have a stock and try checking department store or the nearby mall?

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I get really irritated when I hear this!

I mean don't get me wrong, I do understand, the every day plight of salespeople
who stood for hours everyday and almost selling their soul to everyone just to
get that sale. And I even emphatize with them when they almost chase possible buyers
to the point of helping them carry their bags just to have them buy their products.

But to tell me, "Just try the Dept Store or the nearby mall," I think it's a major No-No in the sales industry.

First and foremost, as a salesperson, it's your job to provide that product that the customer is asking. The customer exerted his/her time, effort and gas to directly visit your store and buy your product. And then when they arrived there,
you'll just downright turn them down and tell them to visit another store? What about telling them that you don't have it yet, but you'll make some calls/arrangements to have the product transferred from the other branch to your store? At least, the customer, even if he's annoyed because he's there for nothing, he might feel a little apologetic because he saw you exerted an effort to give him what he wants. And if he's a little patient, he might accept your offer and pay you. And there you have it, a sale was done!

And because of what you did, you might have just earned a loyal customer and this customer will tell his friends about his buying experience and will resulted to more visits to your store. Isn't that a better scenario than telling the customer, "Sorry, we don't have it, try another store?"

Just my opinion. What do you think?


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