Monday, December 5, 2011

New life, new country.

Five days from today and I will be celebrating my first monthsary here in Auckland, New Zealand. Until now, it still feels like a dream to me that my plan of living in this country where corruption is low and work-life balance is the priority has been finally fulfilled.

Like many migrants, especially those who came from a third world country like mine, my journey towards this country has not been a walk in the park. Apart from the tedious paperwork and money shelled out for the whole trip, a lot has been sacrificed - physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of myself.

After I received the mostly prayed email from the immigration congratulating me for my approved application, the joy that I felt was short-lived, because I know this is only just the beginning. I spend my remaining months prepping myself for this new chapter of my life. I used this time to meet with friends and family, budgeting, reading news about the country and update myself with blogs of migrants in New Zealand just to know what to expect from the country once I arrive there.

I think it’s better to go there with realistic expectations but with positive mindset. I keep reminding myself that it’s only just me in this new country, so there’s no one to rely on but to myself. If you think you’re comfortable with independence and self-reliance and doesn’t mind talking to strangers, then I think you can manage moving to a new country, otherwise, move your flight schedule and use that time to change yourself to better adapt to this new life.

If you have friends here and have extra cash, I suggest you visit this country first and check if this is the country for you. Personal experience is still better than reading about it. The immigration offers limited purpose visa which is free if you plan to visit the country for not more than 60 days. Just get the feel of the country first, the standard of living, the people and work industry before you invest your hard-earned money in the application and migrating.

As of today, the overall mood of the country is just alright. John Keys is still the prime minister after the elections last week, and it’s now summer season. A lot of part time and casual job offers for the Christmas season. That’s all I can share for now and will try to post more stuff about my new life here.


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