Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Salmon fish cakes

Of all canned fishes available in New Zealand supermarket, Woolworths' canned pink salmon is my favorite. They taste great and they're not that expensive.

For today, I made salmon fish cakes using Woolworths/Countdown canned pink salmon. For my fish cakes, I used 1 large can and drained all the liquid from the salmon.

Once the salmon was drained of all liquid, I put it in a large bowl and added chives, lemon zest, red bell peppers, lemon juice, crushed bread crumbs, some chilies, raw eggs and some seasoning. Then using my hands, I mixed them together to form a dough-like mixture.

Then I heat some oil in a pan, this is what I will use to fry the fish cakes. I put the stove on medium heat and got a spoonful of fish cake, flatten it and put it on to fry.

While the cakes are frying, combine mayonnaise, pickles and minced chilies in a small bowl. This will be the dip for the salmon fish cakes.


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